Jerdon JP7506BZ: A suitable makeup mirror for general applications

To enhance their fairness, Women need a compact mirror in their hand while applying the makeup. The actual mirrors have low magnification and it will not be suitable for applying the makeup. Instead, the users need to use an exclusive makeup mirror, which helps them to apply the best makeup. The makeup mirror shows the enhanced application of cosmetics and the users can apply it based on the environment like Daylight or Natural Light. In the cosmetics showroom or in the e-shopping platforms, the users can find plenty of makeup mirrors in different brands and sizes. However, they should choose the right one based on their need. The Wall Mounted mirrors are the favorite choice for most of the users because it can be mounted in any room.

Manufacturer’s description about Jerdon JP7506BZ:

Jerdon JP7506BZ mirror

The Jerdon JP7506BZ is an 8 inch two sided mirror. It is a popular swivel wall mount mirror, which is used in leading luxury hotels and spas. The convenience of usage is its highlight and it has high quality of magnification with sleek look. The two side mirrors are another facility and it can be turned into 360 degree. It has 8 inch diameter mirror, which has 1x and 5x magnification. It ensures the best makeup for the users and let them to review their touch-ups completely. The extension arm let the users to adjust the view of mirror and it provides the vibrant view. It is easy to turn on any angle and it extends up to 13.5 inch from the wall. It provides the best portability and it is made using the Bronze. So, it protects the mirror from the moisture and condensation.

Features for Convenient usage:

The users can purchase this mirror with full mounting hardware. It provides lot of facilities and some of the highlights are listed below.

  • The users can purchase the Jerdon JP7506BZ with one year limited warranty.
  • The flexibility of this mirror is high.
  • The magnification helps the users to have close up view and suits for all kind of makeup.
  • The 360 degree spin design let the users to rotate the mirror.
  • The extension arm let the users to turn the mirror on any desired angle.

So, the users can assure that it can provide the full convenience and flexibility. The price of this mirror is $28.00 in online platforms and it is available in three different colors.